Have worked with Rene for 9 years

“I have been working with Rene of Aristata Real Estate for about 9 years on real estate investments. My experience has been really good. When he says he will do something, it gets done. Together, we’ve made lots of money together.”



Transactions went quickly and smoothly

“I’ve sold a couple of properties through Aristata Real Estate. Those transactions went quickly and smoothly, and I made money. What more could I ask than that?”



An exceptionally high-character person

“My experiences with Rene of the Aristata Real Estate have all be excellent. I have found him to be an exceptionally high-character person who really care about me, not just making a profit. My transactions have been more profitable than if I had done them on my own.  I’ll work with him again. Matter of fact, we are negotiating on a transaction right now!”



Escrow opened on the 15th and closed on the 31st

“I had a house to sell “as is,” and didn’t want a long, drawn out process.  Rene Caro, real estate broker, found a buyer who wanted to purchase it at our asking price and wanted the “deal done” in 2 – 3 weeks. In fact, Escrow opened on the 15th of the month and closed on the 31st.”



Commercial property SOLD

“A quick note to say “Thank You” for helping me sell my commercial property. I always felt that I was getting swift and fair treatment, and the results (a quick sale) prove that to be true. It was a pleasure working with you and Patty since you went out of your way to get the job done. Your personal attention and ability to handle all the details long distance was particularly important to me, since I’m a single working woman living 75 miles away from the property. I hope to work with you again very soon on the purchase of my new home.



Nobody does it better

“Thank you Again ~ I could not have asked for anyone better to assist me in selling my home.  Man you’re really on top of your game. Your work ethic is refreshing!!  Looks like it’s going to be a stress free Christmas for both of us.  I wish you were licensed in Texas (I could use someone like you).”



Sold for best price possible

“We really liked working with Rene. We believe that he was able to get us the best deal available. He advised but did not dictate to us and gave his opinion when asked. His customer service was personable, pleasant and respectful. And he always delivered what he promised, on time. He’s just a great guy. We’d highly recommend Rene for any real estate project.”

~S. & J. A.